My Novels

Me at the Temple of Ptah taken by my sister Judy.

Me at the Temple of Ptah taken by my sister Judy.

Welcome to a whole new paranormal world and the musings of my “para” personality… the Immortal Diva. I invite you into my fantasy, unleashing a new pantheon of immortals, who have walked the Earth beside you since the dawn of man. Many were once gods and goddesses of ancient Egyptian civilization. Most wanted to enslave us, but others wanted to save us.

What if we have already been given the gift of immortality? Why did we forsake it? What if the sacred knowledge of the ancients were revealed to modern man? What if ancient deities actually lived on the Earth? Where did they come from? What did they want? Will they come back? Who really built the pyramids? What is the purpose of the Sphinx?

I love writing urban, dark, sexy, adventurous romances, with ancient paranormal characters: sword-wielding, shape-shifting immortal warriors ~ demons and shadow walkers ~ elemental dragons ~ and other fantastical alien beings.

This website is a digital record of my personal journey toward publication. Along the way, I will post pictures in my Gallery of Egypt, Boston, and other locales I write about. I hope to also post drawings of characters and creatures you will read about. Please subscribe to my blog site.

Thank you for visiting my realm! I hope to enlighten your mind on future visits.

Lynda Gail Alfano
a.k.a. Immortal Diva

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