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Me on a walk from the Red Pyramid to the Bend Pyramid

Me on a walk from the Red Pyramid to the Bend Pyramid

I recently had the opportunity to visit Egypt. It is a beautiful country. I find it so fascinating to see paintings or carvings that someone painstakingly applied their skills to…over three thousand years ago! The tombs of the nobles and kings are awe inspiring.

My stories of fantasy and adventure are inspired by the visions of those craftsmen from so long ago. I look at the images on the walls, and I think…

“What if these stories of the gods and goddesses were real… literal and not figurative? What if the gods and goddesses DID walk the earth? What if they were REAL characters, influencing the minds and spirits of the human race? What then?”

And then I think…

“How did they build those pyramids? Why? Were the reasons logical or astrological? Why did they build the Sphinx? How did an ancient culture of humans attain such advanced knowledge of math and science?”

Well, I look forward to sharing my stories with you. For now, I can share some wonderful photos, most of which were taken by my sister. You can view my scrapbook photos by clicking on the Polaroid pictures back on the Home Page. Enjoy!

Oh, and one last question to leave you with…

“What else is out there…still buried under thousands of years of sand?”

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