Alas, poor Yorick…

And so I say goodbye to another phase of my work life.  It is a death I embrace with soaring spirits.  Because after a year of forced abstinence, writing is now at the top of my daily priority list.  The muse, once kicked into gear, has unleashed a plethora of words and characters in my head.

Most importantly, she allowed me to finish my final rewrite of book one….Beloved Resurrected.  With the manuscript and synopsis both polished and ready…today I will begin the phase of pitching and pleading…in search of the publishing home it deserves.

Secondly, my immortal muse has envisioned more than enough ideas to finish the outline of book two…currently unnamed.  The writing of the rough draft has begun.  😀

Unlike poor Yorick, I am ready for the next phase of my mortal existence…ready to jest and fancy another day.


Lynda Gail


~ by immortaldiva on November 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “Alas, poor Yorick…”

  1. Yay! Good luck on querying the first book and working on the second!

    • Thank you. It feels good to have one totally polished up. I feel like I’m entering the Twilight Zone though. Traditional versus digital first? Any thoughts or words of wisdom or horror stories to share??

      • Words of Wisdom?

        1) Wine
        2) Beer
        3) Amaretto on the rocks


        Seriously, I just wrote a post about the first two weeks of my querying process here:

        My main tip is: If you feel like you want to respond to a rejection, either by email or discuss it in a public forum, take a day to mull over the response to make sure you’re not just acting out of emotion.

      • That is a great list of wisdom. I think my list would include:
        1) Wine – (Pinot noir, if anyone is listening)
        2) Chocolates filled with really soft caramel
        3) Full body massage !!
        Those three things could help me get through anything in the world. 😀

        Loved your blogs, by the way. It is absolutely the most emotional hour I can think of…that hour before you finally push the send button on a submission. I’m in the middle of that hour right now. As you can see, I am delaying hitting the send button. Wondering if my query sounds right…wondering if my synopsis is clear and concise…wondering if my first three chapters are compelling enough. Maybe before dinnertime I’ll have the gumption to hit “send”. 😀

        Here’s a question for you: what resource do you find to be the best in researching publishers and agents??

        Lynda Gail

      • (you can look through the book at the library if you don’t want to buy it. Just make sure to check any info in there against the agent’s website)

      • Preditors & Editors….that’s a site I was trying to think of earlier this week. I just started following Write-or-Die with Dr. Wicked. A friend has used his tool that gives you nudges on a timed basis to keep you focused on writing. I hear that’s especially good during that important brain dump required to get a new book out of one’s head. Which is what I need now. I need someone or something to be accountable to as I get Book Two totally out of my head. I haven’t found anyone wanting to pair up to do massive writing for the month of December.

        But…now I am reminded of the Orlando SFF group. I have been missing your meetings for over a year now. How’s that going? I’ll look up the next meeting.

  2. I am glad that the muse is unchained once again ..thoughts flowing freely..bound only by language which is to say..hardly bound at all in its endless possibilities!!

    Wishing your pages flutter onto the desk of just the right publisher!!

  3. If you want a writing buddy, I’m working on a new WIP now… you can email me if you want 🙂

    Also, the SFF group is doing well! We miss you though 🙂

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