What’s in YOUR Toolbox?


Hmm.  Today is a great day to gather up my “writing tools”, and organize them.  I have my usual suspects already lined up on my links palette: Facebook, Gmail, Thesaurus.com, Wikipedia.com, YouTube.com….oh, and Twitter.com.

So, my daily routine begins by checking my email, typing a quick blog, and linking it from Twitter and Facebook.  Then, it’s time to write for a while.  Because we’re writers.  Writers write.  Writers don’t sit there twiddling thumbs.  Writers don’t get sucked into various networking sites for hours on end.  Writers don’t get addicted to following all of their friends on Facebook.  Writers don’t get hooked on following the tweets of agents like viral stalkers.  Writers don’t get so involved in research that they click link after link like a web of intrigue.  Writers don’t….


Writers do, don’t they?  They get sidetracked by all of the wonderful things this world wide web provides.

Today, break that link.  Break the cycle of time-wasting…and get to work.  Put your derriere (aha, just used my dictionary “tool” to spell check) into your computer chair and just start writing!!!!

But…before you break the cycle :)…comment to me your top three online writer’s tools.  I’d like to begin my own sidebar of quick links to GREAT sites that really help a writer break through.

I’ve already mentioned mine.  As I write, I always keep Thesaurus.com in an open tab.  So many wonderful synonyms out there for me to have fun with.  As a fiction writer, Wikipedia.com is fantastic.  I write paranormal/urban fantasy.  It’s fiction anyway.  And YouTube.com.  Yes, I use it.  Any action you need to describe in a scene….and you can find an example of it on YouTube:  a karate scene, a cooking demonstration, a guy falling off of his bicycle….you name it.  It’s there.  Having the visual helps me put details of sight and sound into a scene.

I hope you’ll share with me and my viewers YOUR top three web resources: for ideas, for support, for guidance, for inspiration, etc.

What’s in YOUR toolbox?


Lynda Gail Alfano

~ by immortaldiva on August 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “What’s in YOUR Toolbox?”

  1. […] writer’s toolbox, and she’s looking links in all the right places, because she wants to know What’s in Your Toolbox. Head over and tell Lynda your top three web resources for ideas, support, guidance, inspiration, […]

  2. Sorry, I’m old fashioned and haven’t found anything better than books for my Thesaurus. I do use Wikipedia as a starting point for my research sometimes, but I never rely on it exclusively.

    I do keep a list of sites that I check regularly about publication news and tips. These are:

    Writer Beware Blogs http://accrispin.blogspot.com/
    Pimp My Novel http://pimpmynovel.blogspot.com/

    My third pick is a great blog for those in the Speculative Fiction field, because I really enjoy James’ posts. Speculative Horizons http://speculativehorizons.blogspot.com/

    There we go! 😉


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