My Daily Word – Harley

Today is a tribute to Harley…Harley Davidson!

Me on a Harley in Cairo

Me on a Harley in Cairo


Yes, this is me…on a HOG…in Cairo!

What, you don’t believe me?

You can’t imagine that there are Harley’s in Egypt?!

Look at the scarab on the poster.




Okay, try this one…

Poster says "Cairo Chapter"

Poster says "Cairo Chapter"

See the poster now?

It’s says…..”Cairo Chapter” next to the scarab.

No, I didn’t get to ride it.  Are you kidding me?  Have you ever been to Cairo?  Would like to know how they drive?  They are crazy.  On a two-lane road, the bus drivers fight for the fourth lane.  Yes, I said fourth lane.  Rules?  There are no rules over there.  It’s called creative driving.  Make your own lane.

But, they do use their horns…a LOT.  It’s almost a second language the way they lean on those horns that toot with a dusty cough.  Remember, they share their road with critters too.  A large tourist bus has to the share the road with donkeys pilled high with produce, carts full of sugar cane, and water buffalo hauling equipment.

No, I wouldn’t ride a Harley on those crazy roads.  I’d be roadkill for sure.  So, I just sat on one in the show room!!

Alas, we can’t even feel the freedom of the wind whipping past our helmets here in the US.  (Sigh) We had to sell our Harley…to pay bills.  Darned economy!

Someday, we’ll get another.  Slick polished chrome pipes.  The throaty thunder of the throttle.  The hot vibrations under our…..

Hey.  What do think this blog is all about?!  Clean up that mind of yours!  🙂

Have a brilliant day!  Keep writing!  🙂


Lynda Gail Alfano

P. S.  Today’s blog is dedicated to the late Bruce Rossmeyer…may he rest in peace.

~ by immortaldiva on August 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “My Daily Word – Harley”

  1. Haha Moms on a motorcycle 😀

  2. I still talk about the drivers in Egypt all these years later. I am still amazed I survived those taxis to be here to talk about it.

  3. Somehow when I read this I didn’t think of being in Egypt. I thought of Adam Lambert singing Born to be Wild….
    “I like smoke and lightnin’
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racin’ with the wind
    And this feelin’ that I’m under”

    Though I rode on a motorcycle only once through the city of Atlanta and was a nervous ninny the whole time…did not like that we leaned while stopped at intersections…..still understand the freedom riding one represents out in open spaces…

  4. that`s the place that i work for
    am Modi , i work for HD Egypt
    i really like ya pix

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