My Daily Word – Foreshadowing

I spent the weekend going through a box of old files that I found in my garage.  There is something very cathartic about purging old papers.

I discovered several folders full of articles and worksheets from various training and leadership seminars from years ago.  With the internet, I realized I could easily google up this stuff in moments…so I decided to get rid of them.  Now, instead of the feeding those flattish, paper-eating bugs…my old papers have now fed my big, shiny, black shredder.  (Burp)

Yet, the fate of my files isn’t really today’s topic.  Foreshadowing is the topic of the day.  I think our lives are like a novel, but of course we tend to see the plot points more clearly in hindsight.  Foreshadowing is our tool to show our reader a little glimpse of something…a hint, an omen, a vibe, etc…that indicates something to occur later in our story.

So, how does this apply to my little purging adventure this weekend?  Well, I’m hoping that one simple, handwritten note is a good omen for what is in my future.

Years ago, and I won’t tell you how many :), I wrote a research paper in my masters program.  The paper was titled “Job Satisfaction:  Where, Oh Where Has It Gone?”.  My professor hand wrote a very telling comment on it.  He said….”Your writing has a nice “flair”!  Is there a novel in your future?”.  I did earn an A on the paper.

Finding this little gem from my past really made me pause and think about how life does work like a book.  I remembered that old phrase….“you are the master of your own destiny”.  In other words, you are the author of your own story.  You control the character arcs…the pacing…tone, mood, conflicts, motivations, goals, and more.

But, what about the plot?  That seems to shift focus many times throughout our life, and sometimes through forces beyond our control.  Just like fiction, every book is as individual as our finger prints.  Our plots twist in a variety of directions, from who we choose to marry, what career paths we take, the friends we choose, the brand of coffee we purchase…

It is fascinating to me to find a little piece of my own history where I chose a path…I went into the hospitality field.  Then, my plot shifted into sales, and then diverted into HR, and finally twisted into entrepreneurship in a whole different industry.  However, through all of those careers, I’ve kept writing.  The stories in my head have survived the plot twists of time.  Hopefully, my personal plot arc will include seeing my books on the shelf at Barnes & Noble!

No poem today.  I’d like to hear from you.

So, what’s in your plot? What little gems of foreshadowing lie in dusty boxes in your attic, basement, or memory? 🙂


Lynda Gail Alfano

~ by immortaldiva on August 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Daily Word – Foreshadowing”

  1. It is funny that however a word may be defined, it can take on other elements not specific to the definition. The word ‘foreshdowing’ gives me goosebumps. For me the word instills a sense of dark mystery and being on the threshold of something undesirable to come; I feel instantly wary. Could just be that I have a dark mind. This is my trouble with journal writing too. I tend to write when my mood is dark and gloomy. So not wanting my traces to be whiny, I withold..sometimes 🙂 But, to answer the question. Perhaps, my fascination with light, shadow and color when I was young foreshadowed my interest in photography later. I remember friends giving me a knowing look when I’d launch into an amazed observation of the color of a leaf in a certain light. Perhaps I like destiny better. It does not hint at what is to follow but rather describes a feeling of rightness.

  2. What a great post!
    For myself, I think it began way back. I am told I read before 2 (but I don;t remember 🙂 ). Believe it or not, one of my elementary school teachers stole a story I wrote and had it published under her name.
    Let’s see: there was dancing, science, and finally the road led back to writing!

  3. When I was marketing my first novel, I received a form rejection letter, but the editor had taken a moment to write in the margins a handwritten note: “Your characters show promise.” I was told how RARE it was for them to write anything, and I’ve treasured that letter ever since. I take it out and read it from time to time just to remind myself that I stood out just enough for someone to take a moment to write a personal note to me.

    What a wonderful article, and I love foreshadowing . . .

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