My Daily Word – Memories

At the end of a two week tour through Egypt (two years ago), our fabulous tour leader gave us a great insight into memories.  I have never forgotten her explanation.

She described our memories as being like little zip files, files compressed to save space making them easier to save or send.  What a great visual, and she was right.

She also said that memories would return to us…like little zip files.  Some would stay vivid in our minds from the day we left Egypt, and others would pop back into our minds and decompress days, weeks, even years later.

How absolutely brilliant!  I can attest that in the past two years, I have experienced little pop-ups of memory from my trip.  Some open up during conversation.  Others are triggered by senses, like a smells or sounds.  For example,  the other day I read a scene from one of my critique partners in which she described a character’s eyes as being as “blue as the Egyptian sky”.

Wow.  That could sound trite or cliche to some people, but for me it unzipped feelings I experienced while standing beside the Great Pyramid.  I do remember being in awe of just how blue the sky was.  Even in my photographs, the sky seems bluer than in ones I’ve taken here at home.  Standing beside the great stones, I felt…eternal, and eternally small.  🙂

Here is my daily senryu, dedicated to all of the compressed files hidden inside YOUR mind!

To Zip or Unzip, That is the Question

To Zip or Unzip, That is the Question

memories return

like mental pop up windows

unzipping the past



Try unzipping a memory today…and keep writing!


Lynda Gail Alfano

~ by immortaldiva on July 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “My Daily Word – Memories”

  1. It is so true! Recently my eldest turned 6, and I found the memories of his birth were so vivid that day. Prior to that I had tried to conjure up those memories and had not succeeded with the same clarity!

  2. […] On the theme of memories, Lynda Gail Afano talks about her experience in Egypt in her post My Daily Word – Memories. […]

  3. Fascinating. The reference to zip files helps me to understand the recall process a little clearer. I just saw a link to your blog on the Helluo lobrorum blog where there’s another link to an article about memories. I’m a writer – trying to get published – and my novels contain quite a bit of memories and flasbacks.

    • Hi, Lawrence.
      I love the subject of memories. Thanks for following the link and visiting my site. (I love following Teresa’s site…she always has great links.) I am just like you…a writer who is struggling to get published. My first novel is a paranormal….or…an urban fantasy….or….I don’t care what they call it…as long as they publish it. 🙂 Have you finished your novel yet? Do you have a website? – Lynda Gail

  4. Hi, yes I have finished both novels. An editor is reading the first. My webpage contains various writing samples and is

    Good luck with your novel.

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