New Poem – Sphinx Meditation

I finally found my old files from my January 2007 trip to Egypt.  The trip of a lifetime.  So many experiences to share…including a very spiritual experience in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  But I’ll share that story at a later date.

Today, I’m just going to point you toward a copy of a poem that sprang from my mind during a meditation my tour guide led as we all sat in between the great paws of the Sphinx.  I felt profoundly lucky that our group did receive permission to enter the Sphinx enclosure.

Meditating next to the Sphinx in Egypt

Meditating next to the Sphinx in Egypt

That’s all for today.  I need to spend my afternoon trying to figure out how to redirect my domain name to this blog site.  My old website has lived out its usefulness, I’m afraid.


Lynda Gail Alfano

~ by immortaldiva on July 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “New Poem – Sphinx Meditation”

  1. I did this voyage many years ago, thanks for bringing me back…

    • Hi, Jennifer.

      Thanks for swinging by my site. Did you visit the Gallery? I’ve only posted a handful of photos, but my sister (who was my travel companion for the trip) took over 1700 photos! She’s a photographer by hobby. She has a very nice Gallery of her best Egypt photos at her site (which I need to put a link to…I’m still learning how to build my WordPress pages..LOL). If you ever want to relive some of Egypt’s timelessness, check out Judy’s photos at:

      I am really enjoying getting to know writers through the internet lately. What do you write?

      Lynda Gail Alfano

  2. Thanks, i hadn’t seen the gallery! ahh, what memories 🙂 I was a young teen when i was last in cairo, and ten years since egypt last. how does the time go?

    It is fun! I have doing this blog thing about 2 months now…
    I write adult mainstream lit.

    • Thanks for checking out the gallery, Jennifer. I have so many photos from that trip. My sister Judy took over 1700 photos. LOL. I’ve added a link to her site on my sidebar. Don’t worry. She’s only posted about a hundred photos. 🙂

      Do you write? I would love to offer a link to a fellow writer/Egypt fan. New poetry posted today.

      Lynda Gail

  3. HI Lynda, I do write. I write adult lit, mainstream.
    Drop by, if you like!

    I haven’t written about Egypt as of yet. Closest I’ve come is Israel in my first story. But, it will creep in some time I am certain. Would love to return. Both times I was there I never made it to Alexandria, and I must, must, must. The locals there insisted!
    And Petra, still haven’t crossed that Jordan border. So much to see on all sides. Little kids have slowed us down the last years…

  4. oh, and your sister is a wonderful photographer by the way. Great photos of the trees and spider web 🙂

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