A Writer…At Last!

I recently finished my first fully polished and critiqued manuscript!

My heart soared with a surge of energy as a huge smile broke across my face. Goosebumps tingled across my arms as a feeling of pride rippled like waves across the ocean. For just a moment, my mind was amazed at the accomplishment and wondered if anyone else had ever felt this way before. Of course, many have. It is the exact moment a writer is first born.

Like an infant leaving the womb, so came the next question: What next??

I kept comparing my feelings to those I felt after giving birth to my first child. Those joyous hours in the hospital as nurses rushed around caring for my son: changing his diapers, bringing him to me, taking him back to his little plastic cradle, checking him over and over again. Then, came the moment. THE moment. You’ve tucked the little cherub into that brand new fancy car carrier and buckled yourselves into the front seat. Then, we looked backward at the infant carrier, and it hit us.

We had absolutely NO idea what to do next!

Now, I sit again in front of my laptop, clicking in and out of various portals of social communication. I’ve checked my website, various emails, a Twitter account, and my writer’s Yahoo group. I’m toying with the idea of a Facebook page and wondering what the heck anyone would want to know about me in the first place. I’m looking backwards at my manuscript all tucked up safely in it’s blue digital folder, and it hits me.

Now what?!

Well, I guess it’s like a child. I gave it life. I fed it with characters and plot, and nurtured it with constant editing and polishing. Now, it is ready to graduate and enter the big wide world all on its own. It’s success and survival will undoubtedly leave the safety of my fingertips…of my ability to control it.

A broad smile crosses my face again as power surges across my soul.

Oh, how I love a good challenge!


Immortal Diva

~ by immortaldiva on June 16, 2009.

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